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Black Tea Sampler

Our Black Tea Sampler contains our most popular and favorite black teas.

Black Tea Sampler

Assam 28g

Organic Fair Trade Assam Black Tea North Eastern India.

Keemun 28g

Organic Keemun black tea from the town of Qi Men in the Anhui province, China.

Darjeeling 28g

Darjeeling grown in northern India at the high altitiude edges of the Himalaya mountains

English Breakfast 28g

English Breakfast Tea is a robust black tea blend including Organic Ceylon and Organic Assam black teas.

Irish Breakfast 28g

Irish Breakfast tea is a robust blend of Assam, Nilgiri and China black teas.

Earl Grey 28g

Earl Grey is a citrusy blend of tippy china black teas, blue cornflowers and aromatic bergamot.

Brewing Black Tea Sampler

Steep 2-3 mins at 90°C (195°F)

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