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Green Tea Sampler

Our Green Tea Sampler contains our most popular and favorite green teas.

Green Tea Sampler

Sencha 28g

Organic Sencha Green Tea is an exquisite high-grade green tea and the most popular and famous green tea in Japan.

Dragonwell 28g

Dragonwell Green Tea or Lung Ching is a hand picked steamed green tea grown 1500 - 4500 feet above sea level in the Zhejiang Province, China.

Hojicha 28g

Hojicha is a Japanese roasted green tea made by roasting bancha leaves and twigs over charcoal.

Bancha 28g

Organic Japan style bancha green tea

Brewing Green Tea Sampler

Steep 45 sec - 1 min at 80°C (175°F)

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