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Yunnan Gold Black tea with golden yellow buds from the southwest Yunnan province, China.

Full bodied brisk malty black tea.

Its golden tea bud produces full-bodied feel which awakes the senses.

Yunnan Gold is the most popular tea to come from this region known to some as the birthplace of tea.

Yunnan Gold is named for the province in which the tea grows. Also known as Dian hong (Yunnan crimson), Yunnan roughly translates to "speech from the south" or "clouds of the south". The mountainous province of Yunnan is surrounded by the most diverse ecology and culture on the southwest edge of China. Clouds hover over the green, misty mountains of Yunnan giving the region a dream-like ambience. Bordered by the Himalayas, Yunnan has been known for its tea cultivation of the last 2 millennia.

Yunnan Gold has been called many other names such as: Yunnan Congou Black, dian hong, Yunnan Red. "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet," Juliet would say. This luscious, rich tea is said to have been produced as far back as 200 B.C. under the Han Dynasty in China. Over hundreds of years, the Yunnan province became the center of trade routes from India to Europe including the Tea Horse Road and Silk Road. The result of such high trade has led the region to be highly diverse in culture, which is something that you will notice in the teas from this area. Due to its extensive history, the production faded throughout hundreds of years until distribution was revived in the 20th century by a cultural revolution.

During the last two weeks of March through the second week in April, the Yunnan Gold is harvested and sorted into differing grades of quality and ripeness. These leaves are then left to wither and undergo a type of pile fermentation. During the fermentation, the buds of the tea harvest oxidize and turn a bright gold color. The oxidization is what gives the tea a full-bodied flavor.

For single cup brewing, fill a cup with about a tablespoon of Yunnan Gold tea leaves (you can also use our Tea Infuser), then add steaming water. Boiling water is okay, but the resulting tea will be quite strong. If you use fairly hot water that is NOT boiling, you will be able to make several cups of tea from the same tablespoon of leaves. After the leaves steep in the water for 2 to 3 minutes, you will notice that water will become dark and rosy. This is when the tea is ready. Finally, you can strain out the leaves from the brew as this tea is not traditionally served with the leaves still steeping. (Hint: it is much easier to use an infuser to strain out the excess leaves)

Yunnan Gold can be enjoyed with some sugar or even a bit of honey, but often the natural sweetness of the tea can be enjoyed without. Yunnan Gold can also be enjoyed like traditional black teas with milk or cream, this gives a round, and smooth taste that goes perfectly with breakfast. The leaves can be brewed once multiple times, but be careful not to overbrew. Overbrewing will make the leaves become bitter. That being said, the leaves are meant to be brewed multiple times as the flavor will build through several steeps.

Brewing Yunnan Gold

Steep 2-3 mins at 90°C (195°F)

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