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Teastick by Gamila is a sleek one-cup infuser that combines the quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea-bag.

Simply scoop, slide, steep and stir to enjoy your favorite tea with ease and modern style.

The Teastick is made entirely of kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Proven in the demanding environments of resaurants and tea shops, The Teastick is made for a lifetime of home use.

Since its debut in 2005, The Teastick has been featured in over 100 publications and praised by tea and design experts alike.

How to Use The Teastick

  • Slide back the sleeve
  • Scoop from tea tin to the fill line (perfect for 10-14oz cups) if you have a smaller cup, simply put less tea in be careful not to overfill, as tea needs room to unfurl.
  • Remove teastick when steeped to desired strength

Teastick Care Tips

  • Remember to empty tea from cylinder when done steeping if the sleeve sticks due to dried tea leaves, run under cold water.
  • Rinse well with soap and water
  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Buff and shine to impress friends

The best teas to use with the teastick are whole-leaf teas of small to medium size (large leaf sizes need more room to unfurl than the teastick provides, and are best used with a teapot).

Teas of a lower grade, such as fannings and dust will steep properly, but some of the dust may come through the holes of the teastick (even though the holes are smaller than traditional teaballs).

Herbal teas vary in size and many do not absorb and grow in water the way tea leaves do. For that reason, they may need a bit longer steeping time, and some dust or finer herbals might come through the holes. Use filtered or spring water for best taste.