India's Tea Regions

India's tea industry is well known and it is actually helpful that many of its most popular teas are named for their growing regions.

Learning About Tea

I have committed myself to sharing what I learn about tea in a way that makes it feel approachable. Our job is to learn the basics about tea, to respect the centuries of tradition, and to find what we like!

Ti Guan Yin

Last time I talked about one of the more famous oolongs, Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe. Since then I’ve been finding myself drawn to the flavors of another very famous oolong: Ti Guan Yin (or Ti Kuan Yin or Tieguanyin).

The Legend of Big Red Robe

One of the more famous of the oolong teas from China's Wuyi Mountains is Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe tea. This tea is also sometimes called Royal Red Robe and it is one of the most highly oxidized oolong teas.

Afternoon Tea and Other Tea Taking

The Victorian custom of afternoon tea has certainly remained a big part of established tea culture. But how did this tradition start? Are there other British tea-taking traditions?

Summer and Sun Tea

Sun tea gained popularity in the United States in the early 1970s although some have been making tea this way for generations. It was definitely a part of my childhood days in Maine.

How to Brew Iced Tea

Iced tea has been popular here in the United States since Richard Blechynden served it at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. He was at the fair to promote Indian tea, but the extremely hot temperatures during the fair lessened its appeal.

T-E-A in the U-S-A

When one considers the world’s tea growing regions, what are the countries that come to mind? China. Taiwan. Japan. India. Sri Lanka. I suspect that not many people would even think of the United States.

The Sharing of Tea

One of my greatest joys is sharing tea. Sometimes it is the opportunity to recommend a great tea to friends. But more special is the physical sharing of space with someone, sipping tea, and talking.

My True Love - Oolong Tea

Oolong are known as "partially oxidized" or "semi-oxidized" teas. Some oolongs are oxidized very little, so their flavor profiles are more like green teas. Others are oxidized significantly, so their appearance and flavor is nearer that of a black tea.

How to Brew Tea in a Gaiwan

The word "gaiwan" is Mandarin for "covered cup." A gaiwan is a handleless bowl, taller than it is wide, with a flared top.

The Green Teas of China

As with Japanese green teas, Chinese green teas are unoxidized. However, for Chinese greens, the tea leaves are plucked, then pan-fired in a round, shallow pan to destroy the enzymes that would turn the leaves brown.

Kyusu Love

A kyusu (or kyuusu) is also called a sencha teapot or, sometimes, a side-handled teapot. The handle is one of the most identifiable characteristics of this pot.

I’ll Have the SFTGFOP... ABCDEFG...

The string of letters (SFTGFOP, or some portion thereof) are used to describe the “grade” of the leaf. Grade, however, is not a designation of quality. It is simply a way to compare the size of the leaf.

The Beauty of Japanese Green Tea

There are important differences in the processing of Japanese green teas and Chinese green teas that result in very different flavor profiles.

Tea-Infused Everything

There are certain phrases that suddenly seem to be everywhere. One doesn’t have to look hard to find ads for products that are "gluten-free," have "no trans fats," or are “tea-infused.”

Where Does Black Tea Come From?

When many of us started drinking tea, we were only drinking black tea. Quite honestly, I didn’t even know what KIND of black tea. It was black. It made a slightly bitter cup. It came in a tea bag. That was tea.

The Question of Tea Infusers

Infusers can come in many different forms. There are infuser balls, teaspoon infusers, tea sticks, baskets, plunger tea pots, and fillable tea bags. There are also novelty infusers - shaped like houses, hearts, or even dinosaurs.

Time To Make Some Tea

Preparing tea is not a complicated process, yet it is still easy to go very, very wrong.

The Six Types of Tea

Explore the six types of tea that can be created: white, green, yellow, oolong, black, and puerh (POOH-air.)

But what IS tea?

Tea production is influenced by many factors: the land on which the tea is grown, altitude, the process by which it is picked and processed, and even the individual style of the person who processes the tea.

Introducing NovelTeas

The NovelTeas collection includes six unique tea blends, made with 100% natural ingredients. The NovelTeas Collection is available April 1st. For a limited time only.

"A World of Tea" High Resolution Wallpapers Added

We have added a new tea wallpaper, "A World of Tea" for download. High Resolution and iPhone versions available.

Loose Tea vs The Teabag

For centuries, tea has been enjoyed in loose form. Legend and tradition encompass tea in the form of ancient rituals and ceremony which deem it one of the most historic beverages of all time

Ten tips to help you brew a better cup of tea

There are no definitive rules for brewing tea because good tea depends on personal preference, time, brewing methods, types of tea, water temperature, and amounts of tea. Brewing tea should be simple, easy, and enjoyable.

Questions from Walker Tea Review

Answers to a few questions about our background and history in tea from Jason Walker at Walker Tea Review.

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